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It’s been a very storied life already, having played lead guitar for The Prodigy, Steve Ignorant (the Crass lead vocalist during the celebrated “Crass Songs Last Supper world tour), UK Subs, The English Dogs, The Destructors, Sabbat (bass!), Love Amongst Ruin, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Stupids, Pyogenesis, The More I See and my favourite of the lot …. JANUS STARK.

I’ve jumped on stage with the Foo Fighters, Alvin Gibbs, GBH, The Misfits, Pete Best, TV Smith, Dub War, Exodus. I’ve collected demo recordings, live recordings, videos, photos. I’ve played and sang on recordings now out of print. I keep coming across this stuff in my collection and thinking “What am I going to do with it all? I don’t want it forgotten and lost. I want it out there but only with people that I can describe as kindred spirits!”

Look at it like this, you spend months creating a piece of work, investing a lot of hard earned cash to make it happen, you launch it on YouTube and someone gives it the thumbs down! My Patreon page was born to share these “jewels” (that’s how I regard these things) with people that give a shit, and more , I’ll share videos of songs being played through and the history behind them explained. Kind of like mini documentaries . They’re for you, not just anybody, because you’re giving me the energy and the spirit to stay alive and keep this story going!

Thank you, I love you! Stay safe and come on board. It need only cost £3 a month and you can opt in and out when you want but there will be a lot of content to come so I cannot see you getting bored!


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