Enemy Lines in Watch Dog Legion Soundtrack!

The Janus Stark song from the first album Great Adventure Cigar, “Enemy lines” is in Watch Dog legion soundtrack .

Gizz says” I was contacted by someone at Ubisoft asking if they could use the Janus Stark Enemy Lines for their upcoming game Watch Dogs legion . The fact that my Son James had heard of the Watch Dogs games convinced me that it had to be a big deal.”

Ubisoft are one of the biggest game developers in the world and they have bases in Montreal, Toronto and Guildford. It was the Guildford base which had a lot to do with the present “Watch Dogs : Legion” and so there is a very British character to this game. “Watch Dogs” is basically a hacker collective known as DEDSEC. They target big time corporate targets IE Government.

What makes Watch Dogs different from other games is that there isn’t a narrative as if it’s one character. You can have a team of up to 20. When inside the game the first thing you note is that there aren’t many people on the streets. That is because every person on there, you can aim your phone at and observe all their “assets” and you can decide if they have the qualities that you want when building your team. There’s a strong anti-authority theme. The enemy is “Albion” who are a private military organisation, contracted to replace the police. The game is based on real world things IE the guns are based on real world weapons.

The Janus Stark song “Enemy Lines “ appears in the game and is on a playlist along with Stiff Little Fingers , Architects and Bob Villain.

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