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When I dug these demos out I couldn’t believe my ears. I liked them a lot more than I remembered. These were the last tracks written for Janus Stark during tough times when we’d split from earache and were shopping for a new label.  Near Extinction came in 2000, Back To Live came in 2002 and during that final session we were looking for a new band name and planning our final tour. Sucksession, Built in Defence Mechanism and Empty Chair are really enjoyable and quite trippy. Near Extinction, Chez Wrong, Paralysed, Suck On These Words and Back To Live are verging on being epics. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have rediscovering and compiling them.


We were finding our sound and style when we were recording these demo’s.

The song “Clique” was the first written and recorded ,closely followed by “Black Box”. Songs like “Barriers” and “Wedding Bells” were older, with the former turning into a crowd favourite and the latter being dropped. There are a couple of songs that have some Prodigy influences with dance influenced rhythms and extreme sound  effects on the guitar. These were dropped when we realised that they were pulling away from what we were going for. Hearing them now though, they make a very interesting listen. The version of Every Little Thing has an extra verse, Floyd with it’s weird trippy ending  and Stop Gap is a better version than the one officially released . Actually the version of Clique is arguably better than the album version.

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Janus Stark Gig – Now Postponed till Jan 2021

Due to the Covid-19 virus worldwide pandemic, most of our shows were postponed, we are currently working with promoters & venues to reschedule. As soon as we have confirmed dates we will let you know.

However, we have a gig at Snooks in Raunds on December 19th with our good friends I Got Spiders.

We will also be selling our new Limited Edition CD’s Rewind To A & Chez Wrong

Numbers will be limited so we will post details here and on our Facebook page shortly.

Gizz on PCR Radio 19th Nov

Gizz will be on the Doc Mason Radio show tonight talking all things Janus Stark, his Prodigy days and a few other “censored” stories.

You will also get to hear a couple of tracks from the upcoming Ltd Edition CD releases from Time & Matter Records (same label as The UK Subs), Rewind To A & Chez Wrong along with a track by track rundown!

Make sure you tune in, there’s also a link below if you miss it!

Listen Back HERE

Enemy Lines in Watch Dog Legion Soundtrack!

The Janus Stark song from the first album Great Adventure Cigar, “Enemy lines” is in Watch Dog legion soundtrack .

Gizz says” I was contacted by someone at Ubisoft asking if they could use the Janus Stark Enemy Lines for their upcoming game Watch Dogs legion . The fact that my Son James had heard of the Watch Dogs games convinced me that it had to be a big deal.”

Ubisoft are one of the biggest game developers in the world and they have bases in Montreal, Toronto and Guildford. It was the Guildford base which had a lot to do with the present “Watch Dogs : Legion” and so there is a very British character to this game. “Watch Dogs” is basically a hacker collective known as DEDSEC. They target big time corporate targets IE Government.

What makes Watch Dogs different from other games is that there isn’t a narrative as if it’s one character. You can have a team of up to 20. When inside the game the first thing you note is that there aren’t many people on the streets. That is because every person on there, you can aim your phone at and observe all their “assets” and you can decide if they have the qualities that you want when building your team. There’s a strong anti-authority theme. The enemy is “Albion” who are a private military organisation, contracted to replace the police. The game is based on real world things IE the guns are based on real world weapons.

The Janus Stark song “Enemy Lines “ appears in the game and is on a playlist along with Stiff Little Fingers , Architects and Bob Villain.

Gizz Live Stream Event 17th July


On Friday 17th July at 845pm, Gizz will be playing a live set featuring songs from the bands he’s played in.

English Dogs
Janus Stark
The Destructors
The Desecrators
The More I See
and hopefully a bit of Crass!
Maybe even some UK Subs!!!!!
Get some chilled beers lined up!


New Janus Stark Song


Exclusive!! New Janus Stark song to be heard for the first time this Saturday May 9th at 6PM!

Janus Stark’s video for Father Time, Recorded and filmed in complete isolation April 2020 during the UK Coronavirus lockdown as part of a collection of tracks towards the next Janus Stark album.


Check out our comeback album: “Angel In The Flames”