Janus Stark Brand New Album!

Time & Matter Records are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be releasing Janus Stark’s stunning brand new studio album…FACE YOUR BIGGEST FEAR Featuring 11 scorching new tracks recorded last year and boasting the brilliant guitar work and lyricism of ex-Sub Gizz Butt, we’ll be bringing you regular updates surrounding this wonderful album’s release…So stay tuned folks 😍🙏Here’s the track listing for starters…1. Father Time 2. Rollin’ With The Punches 3. I Don’t Want Your Sympathy 4. Eddie ’n’ Larkin 5. One More Ghost 6. Clusterfuck 7. Reassuring 8. Mariana Trench 9. Stick 10. My Culling 11. Shoot Me If I Don’t Have The Right

Face Your Biggest Fear T&M 047…..coming later this year!

Gizz Ibanez Blazer Demo

Gizz made a video to demonstrate part 1 of a guitar which he plans to customise. The guitar was purchased at a snip, second hand and the intention is make it sound like it’s a £10,000 guitar! Demonstrating riffs from a Janus Stark song and comparing it to old favourite guitars and borrowed priceless instruments. See how it fares and should it be used on the next recordings?


New Video Single

Nave Studios Leeds

The filming of Janus Stark recording the new “single” at Nave Studios in Leeds. Note lockdown hair!

Gizz says ‘I can finally reveal that today, Janus Stark filmed a video with our fine director friend Phil Berridge, to a brand new song, recorded along with two others brand new, with our fine producer friend, Andy Hawkins. WE DID IT!!!!!!’

Keep an eye out later in the year…you WON’T be dissapointed!!

London Calling TV Show 1999

London Calling TV Show 1999

What a find! Janus Stark performing “Victoria Falls”, an unreleased song, for the TV program London Calling. Filmed in London for the Japanese audience I believe! The line up of the band is interesting! Gizz on lead vocals and guitar, Shop has taken up a backing vocal position, Gav King is on bass guitar and Carl Alty on drums.

Shop had an injury at the Metallica & Marilyn Manson show at Milton Keynes on July 10th which left his right hand damaged and in plaster and metal pins for some time. This performance would have been sometime in Autumn 1999. Gav King putting in a great show!


The Club With No Name 31/12/99

Club With No Name Peterborough 31/12/99

This was a really intimate gig in front of 400 people absolutely squashed to death in a small back room of a pub “The Boys Head”, it was the 1999 NYE party of Chris Lovell’s “Club With No Name”.

These were very good times. An interesting period for Janus Stark, lots of unreleased tracks being played, lots of guest musicians including Gav King, Andy Hawkins and Matt Biffa!