Face Your Biggest Fear Review

Here’s our 1st review of Face Your Biggest Fear from NUZZ Prowling WOLF Blogspot….and what a cracker it is!!

JANUS STARK – ‘Face Your Biggest Fear’ (*A REVIEW*)’Face Your Biggest Fear’ is the fifth album from the mighty JANUS STARK, and what a belter it is; a right hook to the head before you hit the deck….knockout! Eleven electric no holds barred riff roaring slabs of cascading, crashing chords and rhythms’, each one with a story to tell. From the opening sonic salvo of ‘Father Time’ and ‘Rolling With The Punches’ via the incendery and intense ‘Clusterfuck’, the mutant metal rockabilly of ‘Mariana Trench’ to the final chug’n’crunch of the operatic ‘Shoot Me If I Don’t Have The Right’ This is what the electric guitar was invented for; solos that cut through you like razor wire and monster metal punk chords crush your skull, while all the time machine gun rhythms and bass thumping beats pound your heart with a sing along pop sensibility. Not so much a Punk’n’Metal crossover, more a complete make over. Absolutely awesome!

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