Here’s STICK from Face Your Biggest Fear album released on Time & Matter Recordings T&M 047.

You can disagree with someone but there’s no need to fall out over it, because it’s better to accept that others can have a different point of view and thus hear them out.
Being made to look a fool because you have a different view is wrong.
There seems to be one battle after another waiting to rope people in.
Another reason to be mean to each other, another excuse to fall out.
My message here is that I don’t have to be your enemy, we don’t have to agree on anything.
You might not like The Beatles but we can still get along LOL! Don’t worry there, I’m just trying to make light of what others get themselves in a state over. Some of the crap that people come out with is a bit rich: suddenly everyone knows everything about statistics, politics, history and want to sell me their God or their religion. It’s like ‘look I don’t have to like what you like and I don’t need to be ridiculed over it’! You can throw a stick, it doesn’t mean I’m going to chase after it for you, or in your eyes, you can lead me to water, it doesn’t mean I want to drink.

Enjoy – GIzz

During lockdown, Janus Stark & our mates from Hamburg, Ana Drinks Dogpiss recorded an exclusive track ‘Misreceiving’ which isn’t available anywhere else!


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