Rebellion Meet ‘n’ Greet with Gizz

We are chuffed to be opening Rebellion On Thursday – Empress Ballroom, on stage at 12:45.

Our new album Face Your Biggest Fear will be available all weekend from X-Records along with Janus Stark T-Shirts & other merch.

We have also arranged a ‘Meet n Greet’ with Gizz for signings & pics.

You can catch up with him Thurs 530pm – 630pm, Fri 320pm – 420pm, Sat 430pm – 530pm & Sunday 2pm – 3pm.

Face Your Biggest Fear Review

Here’s our 1st review of Face Your Biggest Fear from NUZZ Prowling WOLF Blogspot….and what a cracker it is!!

JANUS STARK – ‘Face Your Biggest Fear’ (*A REVIEW*)’Face Your Biggest Fear’ is the fifth album from the mighty JANUS STARK, and what a belter it is; a right hook to the head before you hit the deck….knockout! Eleven electric no holds barred riff roaring slabs of cascading, crashing chords and rhythms’, each one with a story to tell. From the opening sonic salvo of ‘Father Time’ and ‘Rolling With The Punches’ via the incendery and intense ‘Clusterfuck’, the mutant metal rockabilly of ‘Mariana Trench’ to the final chug’n’crunch of the operatic ‘Shoot Me If I Don’t Have The Right’ This is what the electric guitar was invented for; solos that cut through you like razor wire and monster metal punk chords crush your skull, while all the time machine gun rhythms and bass thumping beats pound your heart with a sing along pop sensibility. Not so much a Punk’n’Metal crossover, more a complete make over. Absolutely awesome!

Pre-Order Face Your Biggest Fear and get a free signed poster CLICK HERE

Face Your Biggest Fear Pre Order

This day begins with a gentle hug. You can now pre-order the new Janus Stark album , your soundtrack to better days! Burning brightly with hope, positivity and enthusiasm for the future.

The 1st 100 pre-orders will get an A3 signed poster so don’t miss out…get it ordered NOW!!

Here is the link my dear friends, please tap it and unwrap it:-) CLICK HERE

New Video Filming

We spent the day filming a new video for the new album with director Phil Berridge at the helm. The new song ‘Reassuring’ will be launched within the next few weeks … so keep watching!! DONT forget to pre-order the new album!

Rebellion Warm Up Show Announced


JANUS STARK “A rock ‘n’ roll program of crashing metal and punk rock guitars with an almost 1960s poppy psychedelia sensibility”“A great melodic kick up the arse…” (DAVE GROHL and TAYLOR HAWKINS)P’Town 90’s Punkers that had a billboard top 40 hit with “Every Little Thing Counts” Spring Park’s sound has a fist full of punk fury you’re likely to hear from the 77 sound of bands like The UK Subs and The Damned from the good old days, but delivered with the modern pop punk hooks you’d find amongst the likes of NOFX, Green Day and Mest. LASERCHRIST Dirty, trippy melodic psychadelic-punk from south east London. Recommended by Alex Wonk Unit and the Scary Clown Presents. These London Punkers are an amazing listening experience. MISINFORMED Spotted at the Kings Lynn One Fest and highly recommended by Steve Pod, these young punks have a fresh new experimental punk sound all of their own.

Janus Stark Announced For Unity Fest

Our manager Chris York organises an annual festival which is a free event sponsored by Unite The Union to raise money for several charities.

Bands announced so far The Ruts & Steve Hewitt’s Love Amongst Ruin

Free ticket link will be available from May, all those lucky enough to attend will be asked to make a donation to the 3 charities who we are raising money for Project 16:15, Northamptonshire Mind & British Red Cross to help with the Ukraine Appeal.